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Thanks to the unprecedented efforts of our Hero Arkadag, as in all spheres of our country, especially in the field of education, competitions, that increase the number of scientific creative researches and develop their project-creative discoveries, are being held in order to identify talented young people. 
The Council of Young Scientists and Experts of Magtymguly Turkmen State University organizes project-creative competitions that develop modern system combining national and modern experiences with multimedia technologies and advanced workshops containing national and cultural heritage. 
Students of the major Information Systems and Technologies of the Faculty of Information Technology invited an easy way of recording personnel data in public and private institutions through a project called "Magnetic Card Recorder". This device is distinguished by its small size and economical consumption of electricity.

“Web program “e-notebook” for online lessons” is invented for using e-notebook through the internet at online lessons and this e-notebook consists of several sections, where students can assign all lesson notes and use them at any time. 
“Web Program “Line”” is a project that allows to get registration via electronic web page, also it allows to register remarks on timely access to lessons, on following the rules, and so on.

The students of the Faculty of Mathematics have made a project program called "Programming in Visual C ++ Programming Language" developed through Microsoft Visual C ++, and in the field of science and education they made it possible to use digitalized interactive multimedia system of Mendeleev’s Periodic Table in secondary schools, the lessons of higher education institutions, chemistry classrooms.
Ways to use electricity safely are addressed through a project called "Electric Stairs" developed by students of the Department of Radiophysics and Electronics of the Faculty of Physics; Information about the faculties of our university through the project "Internal Network Website", documents, electronic manuals, textbooks are written on the website with the help of the program "Sublime Text3"; The Tijen tool, created by the students through the "Automation of Plastering" project, is able to speed up the plastering work, pour concrete on the ground, and paint the walls. This tool saves manpower time. Design of paper material based on waste paper recycling through the project "Recycling paper waste, extracting wood-like material from it" to ensure the cleanliness of cities and settlements, and the manufacture of electronic ceramic baby toys. A new design of the clamp has been developed with the aim of using the paper, which is used to increase and improve the functionality through the project "Double clamp". 
The project of the English and Literature Department of the English Language and Literature faculty "The one who knows language travels the world" suggests the ways of improving teaching English, referring to the directions of transition to a new stage of development through the, teaching English through national education, and spreading Turkmen traditions and values to the world through translation. The project "Languages Open the World" illustrates a small-scale model of a historic building in Italy. Through the project "Electronic version of the Turkmen folk tale “Akpamyk” in various languages” teachers and students enabled not only to introduce the traditions of the Turkmen people to the world, but also to reveal the subtleties of translation. 
Through the project "Potala Palace - Chinese Building", the Potala Palace Building on the Chinese Monument acted as a project, highlighting its unique aspects. The main purpose of the projects “Neuschwanstein” German Historical Building and “Turkmen-Italian Friendship” is to get young people to learn not only the foreign languages, but also the history and nature of the country of the foreign language they study. 
Students of the faculty of Geography created a new humus fertilizer from brown coal and potassium hydroxide in their project Preparation and use in agriculture of microcomponent humus fertilizers" which led to the improvement of the quality of agricultural products and rise the productivity of the crop.

"Creating a database of any garden area with the help of Sas.planeta software" has the opportunity to monitor the ground based on high-quality images from satellites, determine directions on several types of maps, and implement some measurement methods. 
A memorial project has been restored by the students of history at the Faculty of History using the modern technology of the shrine of Muhammad ibn Zayd through the project "Tomb of Muhammad ibn Zayd" and with its help the architectural features of the building were examined.

The project “Permanent Neutrality of Turkmenistan is the Key to Peace and Prosperity” artfully depicts a complex of buildings depicting the triumph of the Neutrality Policy of our country; The project "Educational Importance of National Games in Turkmen Traditions" addresses the ways in which children and young people can be educated through the near to extinction forms of Turkmen national games; Through the project "Using our digital education system and studying our historical and cultural monuments" the projects of caravanserai of Dayahat, the tombs of Muhammad ibn Zayd and Alamberdar Khan, the historical and cultural monuments of Meleheyran were reconstructed on 3D format with the help  of the modern electronic technologies. 
Students of the Faculty of Law made the project “Café, Restaurant and Catering Software to Extend Supervisory Rights” referring to ways to deploy software in all cafes, restaurants and cafes across the country to facilitate the work of law enforcement through the project.
The above projects are a clear proof of the implementation of the Youth Policy carried out by our Esteemed President.



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